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The modern version of the ancient science of Etherealization. Etherealization means FREEDOM through REALIZATION. Etherealization is a very important and very helpful message for mankind from the Ethereans. This message will help man learn the process of creating and un-creating, re-programing and de-programing his mind and be transformed. This message will help awaken man up to something very powerful within him.


On May 24, 1959 (Kosmon 111) out in the desert in southern California, a Shoshone Gabrielino Native American Indian named Jim Velasques was taken aboard a flying object which descended from the heavens. While onboard the flying object the pilots gave him a message for mankind. This message is of extreme importance for all humans on Earth. This flying vehicle or chariot was photographed by an on duty deputy sheriff at 12:10 pm. A photograph of the Deputy Sheriff is seen below, he is holding the two (before and after) photos he had just taken.  The second photo the deputy is holding was taken two minutes after the first photo. A few witnesses high up on the rocks of a nearby mountain reported seeing the flying object shortly before the deputy took his first photo.
The giant flying object was seen above the 7 story giant boulder that is seen in the photos. The deputy took the photos with a Polaroid camera and there were several witnesses near him when he took the photos including another on-duty deputy sheriff. Jim Velasques was taken aboard the flying object by the cone-shaped beam that can be seen in the photograph descending from the bottom of the flying object to the ground.
The glowing white stuff seen around the flying object is it's cloud-like energy force-field. Jim Velasques reported that the occupants looked human and were wearing clothes of fog-like energy. If you would like to learn about the very important message the occupants of the flying object have for mankind Email Me 
Etherealization processes teach you how to get answers or communication not from your mental data, but from Spirit (direct from Spirit). Etherealization helps make you a clearer and better channel or receiver.
Etherealization = HIGHER LIGHT.
OAHSPE BOOK OF JUDGMENT V:23 "Whereas, many who have forsaken the rites
and ceremonies in search of HIGHER LIGHT, are more to the way of Jehovih."
Etherealization = hearing Jehovih, seeing (REALIZING) Him/Her/I AM:
Higher than suis:
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part IV:
36. Are there not those who hear and see the spirits of the dead? This is suis.
But ethe lieth higher. This is hearing Jehovih, seeing His hand.
We humans in many families hide things, like the subject of gay children, we hide that instead of bringing it out in the open and confronting it.
Hiding is darkness, things are hid in darkness, light is confronting not hiding, light reveals, the etherean flame burns those who have hidden things about themselves in their consciousness that they purposely try to hide from themselves and other people, those humans and angles cannot stand the light of the higher heavens, they cannot stand etherealization.
We all have things we hide and do not confront, but some of us do this on purpose and do not want to know or be aware of what we are hiding from ourselves.
In order to confront that which you are hiding from yourself you have to be responsible. Adults need to be taught this so they can teach it to children. Etherealization teaches you how to become aware of and confront that which you have hidden from yourself.
Below is a verse from Oahspe that describes the power of the science and light of Etherealization:
Oahspe Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XIX:
15. ...clouded souls in the lower heaven, broke and fled; some ran and hid to avoid the threatening light. For such is the magnifying power of the etherean flame, that all dark thoughts and hidden evil lurking in the soul are magnified, and made so plain that even the dumb can read them through.
To many the Science of Etherealization is a "threatening light" that reveals "dark thoughts and hidden evil lurking in the soul".
Many people have "ran and hid to avoid" (escape mechanism) the science of Etherealization.
es·cape mech·an·ism.
a mental process such as daydreaming that enables a person to avoid acknowledging unpleasant or threatening aspects of reality.

Oahspe - Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XI:
4. ...and a light of etherean flame descended upon him, and Jehovih spoke out of the light,
"he found himself wrapped around as it were by a flame-colored cloud." For an instant, he thought of a great fire somewhere in the city, then "he knew that the light was within himself."
Upon this realization, Bucke experienced a great sense of exultation, of joyousness, "immediately followed by an intellectual illumination quite impossible to describe." It seemed as if there streamed into his brain "one momentary lightning-flash of the Brahmic Splendor" which would henceforth forever lighten his life." - From his classic work, Cosmic Consciousness (1901), Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke.

Man's evolution goes from individual consciousness to group consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness.
The science of Etherealization leads to Cosmic Consciousness beyond your ego and beyond your body,
beyond identification with a group.
Etherealization is a personal private one on one, step by step life coach mentorship program.
Oahspe Book of Judgement: Chapter VI:
15. But good works alone are not sufficient to attain the highest grades, for they require knowledge and capacity to unfold others.

Read what people from around the world have said about Etherealization technology and how it has helped them:
According to you Fred what do you think of the science of Etherealization?
Fred from Belgium : "It is mind blowing, empowering, joyful, wisdom."
Fred what do you have to say to other people about the science of Etherealization?
Fred: "Unlike anything you have ever heard, beyond my expectation."
August 28, 2017
"' I was not my "own"... As the smoke and mirrors within my perception evaporated I experienced what felt like the floor falling away... How do you relate a feeling of ice running through your veins as you come to the realization you have always had more freedom than the birds and the bees..!? The effect of the honest to goodness truth is palpable and alive.., it set me free on the spot. And isn't that exactly how you would expect the truth to affect you..? " -  Luis V., October 10, 2017 ,
CALIFORNIA, 1977 - "This is for me, this is what I want" - J.L.P M.S. Biology 

CALIFORNIA, 1993 - "This is very liberating, where did you get this from?" - Anonymous

GEORGIA USA, 2004 - "wow, i never thought of it like that" 

"I never really considered that before" - Mr. J.J. after only the first course of Etherealization

ITALY, 2004- "I've found Etherealization (in the process that we have got) very helpfull and I think this will be helpful and beneficial for others, too."

"I've found that this process has broken some boundaries in my awareness

"Very interesting (and powerfull) "

"... it is very deep"

"I've had some intuition during this process, too ... its like to enter in the room where I write my software .. and I feel that I could manage it"

"a wave of golden light has overwhelmed myself .. for minutes"

"I feel that it is beyond the words in the chat and that it is more complex to explain"

"I've got others courses and "experiments", but this is ... more deeply and allow to open the boundaries " Mr. C.R. who said he completed a 9 day $2,000 Avatar self-development course before taking the Etherealization courses

Pennsylvania, 2005 - "that is a strange question..i would have to think about that one"


etherealization2004: This is HARD for everyone
Monarca M: "is it?"
etherealization2004: That is why I put on my website that this is HARD work
Monarca M: "i think what the problem is..its something new...hard to comprehend...its like reprogramming the mind"

etherealization2004: What do you think of etherealization so far?
Monarca M.: "its interesting. Can't wait to see what happens, where this is going." "makes ya think"

etherealization2004: Is it like anything else you know or have heard of?
Monarca M.: "no" - M.M after only the second session of Etherealization.

Etherealization is not meditation, not positive thinking, not Scientology, not communicating with spirits or the dead, not going by what a book or someone else says. Etherealization cuts through and clears the mental crap. Etherealization goes beyond symbolism. Etherealization is an individual journey, you go alone, not with anyone else. No 2 people experience the same thing during etherealization at the same time. Etherealization is hard work, how hard is determined by how much effort is put into it by the student being etherealized. 
Etherealization process teaches you how to get answers or communication not from your mental data, but from Spirit.
Direct from Spirit. It makes you a better channel or receiver. Etherealization helps to clear the mind.  
Read what others from around the world have said about the unique Etherealization clearing and liberating technology:

PENNSYLVANIA, 2004 - "you guided me to the truth within

"you have opened my eyes and i thank you for that"

"you just showed me our demise"

"this is too deep"

"i have dreams about this"

etherealization2004: The technique of Etherealization is unique
Gregory L: yes it is

"it is meant for me" - Mr. G.L 

CALIFORNIA, 2005 - "very interesting, i'm smiling"

"I think it's great, i'm having a great time. the questions you ask realy make me search in myself for the answers---I like that very much"

"I've studied scientology, avatar, etc. for years but have had no experiences with them other than reading about them so i can't realy compare. The questions that you ask change your perspective. i've sat here laughing out loud---I'm really enjoying this" 

"I don't think I said it before--and I'm sorry that I haven't. Thank you very much!!!!! - Mr. B.A after only the first session of Etherealization

etherealization2004: So what do you think of the science of Etherealization so far?
Bill A: it's great
etherealization2004: Anything else you know of that is equal to or better than it?
Bill A: no

"amazing" - Mr. B.A after second session
Spiritualist definition, an adherent of spiritualism
One who believes in or practices spiritualism is called a spiritualist.
One who practices the science of Etherealization is called an Etherealist.
Oahspe Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XVII:
8. The mortal desireth to become a spirit; then his ambition is to become an etherean; ...
Mortal means physical, higher than the physical is the spirit or spiritual. Higher than the spiritual is the ethereal or etherean.
Higher than Spiritualism is Etherealization.
etherealization definition = To make or become ethereal = to become an etherean.
Spiritualism begain in 1848 (Kosmon year 0)
Etherealization began in 1959 (Kosmon year 111)
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
18. These periods will be found to come under certain numbers, 11, 33, 66, 99, 100, 200,
400, 666, 333, 66, 18, 500, 600, 365, 99, 33, 18, and so on...a generation 33, dan 200, 400, 600, 500; nitrogen or darkness 66 and 666, and so on.
For which reason the following tables of times and measurements were established:
Gow, 600.[= Dan or ethe'ic wave x 6]
Gow, 500.[= Dan or ethe'ic wave x 5]
Gow, 200.[= Dan or ethe'ic wave x 2]
Gow, 111.[= 1848 + 111 = 1959 = coming of the ethereans, Jim Velasques]

Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 8: 2. Ethe, being the time of light, is named dan, dan and ethe is associated with light, enlightenment (Etherealization).



I read there were dogs staying at Giant Rock in 1959 near Landers, California. Does the photo below show a dog to the left of Jim Velasques?

Above enlarged photo showing what looks like a dog on the left of Jim Velasques relatively high in the air (see distance between feet and shadows on ground). You can see what appears to be the right front and hind legs, the joint that connects the front leg to the foot, front foot curved back, back foot curved forward, the stifle and round hip, the back, and chest.

Photo above showing dog running with feet low to ground (see distance from shadow), front feet curved back and hind feet curved forward.

The dog-like figure in the photo above does not appear to be in the act of jumping, but appears to be walking or running, or dangling relatively high above the ground (shadows).

Above: contrast threshold enhancement plainly shows cone-shaped beam from UFO to the ground.

trac·tor beam: (in science fiction) a hypothetical beam of energy that can be used to move objects ...
From: "Stanton Friedman" Nuclear Physicist M.S
Subject: Re: UFO photo over Giant Rock.
Date: Mon, Mar 15, 2004
"I am not a photoanalyst. We can call it an Unidentified Flying Object. We can't say it is an alien spacecraft. Could be. Could be a test device producing a plasma around itself, could be a special whirlwind."
OAHSPE: Book of Lika: CHAPTER XXV: 8. ...And Lika caused the fire of the ship to be made visible to mortals.
9. And God caused Chine to walk out in the field, and Lika sent down a whirlwind and took him up into the ship, in the presence of tens of thousands of mortals assembled.
Above: multitude of mortals assembled (10 minutes before UFO appeared).
Below: Image Processing - Contrast enhancement of Ackerman photo and sequence of images:
as the brightness limit is lowered (from bright 795, bright 717, bright 582, to bright 560) showing less bright objects, the cone-shaped beam becomes more visible. Only data of certain brightness levels show up in each picture. Light intensity falls off as the square of the distance from a light source = beam of light FROM the bottom of the UFO DESCENDING to the ground.

Above: photographic evidence of CONE-SHAPED VORTEX BEAM or WHIRLWIND descending to the ground in 4 stages.
OAHSPE: Book of Lika: CHAPTER XXV: 9 ...and Lika sent down a whirlwind...